Taxi 5

Genre: Comedy, Action, Crime
Released: 2018
Actor: Sabrina Oazani, Ramzi Bedia, Moussa Maaskri, Yvonne Gradele, Bernard Farsi, Frank Gastambid, Malik Bentall, Salvatore Esposito, Eduard Montut, Sand Van Roy
Director: Frank Gastambid
Produced by: Luc Besson
Writer: Stefan Kazandjyan, Frank Gastambid
operator: Vincent Richard
Legendary white Peugeot returns to the roads of Marseille. In his crew will be the nephew of the legendary driver Daniel. He’s a terrible driver, he did not go to his uncle at all, so he just sits in the passenger seat and is afraid for his life. The city began to terrorize the new Italian bandits on Ferrari and Lamborgini. He must catch with Sylvain Marot these robbers on high-speed cars. Will these unlucky trappers catch their victims with the help of the Marseilles gendarmes under the leadership of Commissioner Zhibera? It will be difficult and will help them only a lot of luck and great speed.

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