Movie funny

20 unforgivable blunders in movies that you may not have noticed


If you look closely, you can see the reflection of the camera on the glass of the car. This is quite a common mistake that directors allow. Here in “Twilight”, for example!

Inglourious Basterds

The German sergeant-major, who is beaten to death with a baseball bat, disappears from his uniform and again appears during the shots a breastplate.


When Jake opens the capsule, you see that next to her there is no stroller. After a moment, she appears there right out of the air, and our hero rolls heraside.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

The Terminator covers John with his body and receives a full clip of pistol cartridges from the T-1000 in the back. The whole jacket is in the holes. But after a few moments the jacket is safe and in sight. The truck, at the wheel of which the T-1000 was sitting, capsized on the bridge, and windshields flew out of it. The next frame shows that the glass is again in place.

The Avengers

In one scene, Thor carries everything around, including one of the cars, whose bumper miraculously self-restores in the next frame.

Dallas Club Buyers

The film takes place in 1985, but behind the main character hangs a poster with Lamborghini Aventador. This machine was launched only in 2011. Titanic

It seems that the Titanic was two. Otherwise how to explain that his deck is constantly changing?

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

In the gang of Captain Jack Sparrow were very modern-day “pretended” pirates.

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines

John and Kate fly out of the hangar on a small white “Chessna” with blue stripes. The number on board is N3035C. And here they are in the air. Strange, but this is another plane. The bands look different: number N3973F. At the moment of landing, the number again becomes the same.

Marie Antoinette

A charming film can also be found in the biographical film of Sofia Coppola about the life of Queen of France Marie Antoinette. Keds, of course, the main trend of that time! The series “The Magnificent Age” In the retinue of Shah Suleiman there was an excellent modern car and radio tower, probably for a mobile phone to catch!


When the search team explores the alien ship, you can see that the crew is wearing special hooded linen, and on it is already a spacesuit with a transparent helmet. But when from the head of astronaut Kane, who was attacked by an alien creature, they remove the space suit, then the hood is no longer under it. Suspicious persons

When the first time the airport is shown, the plane is landing there, which has 4 engines. A second later there are only 2 of them.

Third wheel

The main character John in all the scenes keeps the phone upside down. This is noticeable on the lock button, but he does not seem to care about it, the main thing is that there is a connection!

The series “Suspect”

During one of the scenes the phrase was heard: “All the money was sent to accounts in foreign banks.” LLC “Uhischrenno” and CJSC “Bad Robot”, why not? Ah, yes, there is a connection 9G.


In the movie “Gladiator” you can see how the ancient Romans carry a balloon with gas in their chariots. How could you be so rusty?

star Wars

One of the stormtroopers (the extreme right) is too tall and bangs his head against the door. Look closely.