Retro movies

Warm, sad and inspiring pictures of a difficult life in the XX century.

1. The Great Gatsby

Drama, melodrama.
Australia, United States, 2013.
Duration: 143 minutes.
IMDb: 7.3.

A dramatic story about the love and customs of the first half of the twentieth century. Nick, a young graduate of Yale University, moves to New York in search of an American dream. There he meets an extravagant millionaire Gatsby and plunges into a world of wealth, illusions and lies.

2. Servant

United States, India, United Arab Emirates, 2011.
Duration: 146 minutes.
IMDb: 8.1.

Slavery in America has long been abolished, but the Negroes are still considered second-class people. Skeeter always differed from her peers, and therefore preferred a career to marriage. After the university, the girl returns home, where she is facing a story for the book. Faced with hatred of people with a different skin color, Skeeter decides to write the truth about the work of maids in rich white families.

3.Inglourious Basterds

Action, drama, comedy.
USA, Germany, 2009 year.
Duration: 153 minutes.
IMDb: 8.3.

The Second World War. In the territory of occupied France, a detachment of Jews is in command, suggesting fear of German soldiers.

Tarantino’s handwriting is noticeable in every scene: long fascinating dialogues, bewitching actors’ play, oppressive atmosphere and crazy plot twists. So only he can make films.

Especially distinguished Christoph Waltz, who played a German officer. For his role, he received an “Oscar” and laudatory reviews of critics.

4. The diary of memory
Drama, melodrama.
USA, 2004.
Duration: 124 minutes.
IMDb: 7.9.

He is a poor sawmill worker, she is from a rich family. On the path of a young couple there are many obstacles, but love is an excellent stimulus that helps to overcome everything in the world.

5. The magic of moonlight
Melodrama, comedy.
United States, United Kingdom, 2014.
Duration: 98 minutes.
IMDb: 6.6.

The popular illusionist Stanley Crawford comes to France to bring out a girl capable of talking to the dead. Stanley is a convinced atheist, so he immediately feels a dirty trick, but over time his confidence begins to melt.

6. Road of change
Drama, melodrama.
USA, Great Britain, 2008.
Duration: 114 minutes.
IMDb: 7.3.

The story of the life of an ordinary middle-class family. Frank and April have been married for seven years. They have children and the cherished dream to go to Paris. For the sake of this, the couple are ready to put their marriage to an end.

The film captivates and the warm atmosphere of the 50’s, and the duo of Leonardo Di Caprios Kate Winslet. This is the first picture after the Titanic, in which the best friends played together again.

7. Majestic
Drama, melodrama.
USA, 2001.
Duration: 153 minutes.
IMDb: 6.9.

Viewers are accustomed to seeing Jim Carrey in a comical role, but sometimes the actor is tired of making fun and acting in such films as “Majestic”.

Hollywood screenwriter Peter Appleton is accused of having ties to the Communists. He loses his job, friends and memory. Waking up in a small provincial town, Pete can not remember anything, and the inhabitants take him for missing the hero of World War II.

8. Mind Games
Drama, biography, melodrama.
USA, 2001.
Duration: 135 minutes.
IMDb: 8.2.

Genius and insanity are two sides of the same coin. John Nash is a talented mathematician who has made a significant contribution to the development of game theory and has faced a mental disorder.

And although the director does not accurately show the life of the Nobel laureate, the picture still copes with its task: it inspires and helps to look at many things differently. This is the beauty of biographical films: successful people, solving their problems, help us become better.

9. Rock Wave
Drama, comedy.
Great Britain, Germany, France, 2009.
Duration: 129 minutes.
IMDb: 7.4.

1960’s. The British authorities do not recognize rock’n’roll, so here and there pirate radio stations appear. One of them is in the sea. On it and comes the main character – 17-year-old Carl. Uncertain young man gradually changes and learns a lot from the DJs of the radio station. What more i can say? “Rock Wave” is a well of excellent music and British actors.

10. Trumbo
Drama, biography.
USA, 2015.
Duration: 124 minutes.
IMDb: 7.5.

Another film about an era in which the Communists were afraid of the end of the world. Talented screenwriter Dalton Trumbo entered the black list of Hollywood because of his beliefs. He was imprisoned for one year and banned him from working in the film industry. But Trumbo did not give up. Instead, he wrote several great scripts under a pseudonym, got them an Oscar and went down in the history of cinema.

11. Pleasantville
Drama, comedy.
USA, 1998.
Duration: 124 minutes.
IMDb: 7.5.

David Wagner lives in the 1990s, but he dreams of being in a Utopian TV series of the 50’s, away from his unbearable sister. Once he succeeds. A strange kind of teleporter brings Wagner along with his sister straight to your favorite TV series.

Something similar happened in The Last Movie Hero. Only kid Danny could not influence the crazy world of cinema, but David changed the TV show dramatically, adding colors to it
12. Hidden figures
Drama, biography.
USA, 2016.
Duration: 127 minutes.
IMDb: 7.8.

It will be about three NASA employees who conduct complex mathematical calculations to launch the first space mission. Heroines are faced not only with racial discrimination, but also with gender. They are women, which means they can not do important and difficult work, no matter how smart they are. Of course, this is not so.

13. Education of the senses
Great Britain, USA, 2009.
Duration: 100 minutes.
IMDb: 7.3.

The beginning of the 60’s. Jenny lives in a remote province and wants to go to Oxford as soon as possible. But the plans change when the girl meets David. He is older, he drives an expensive car, visits the best clubs and lives on a broad leg. Jenny, of course, falls in love with him and forgets everything in the world.

14. Midnight in Paris
Melodrama, comedy.
USA, Spain, 2011 year.
Duration: 94 minutes.
IMDb: 7.7.

It seems that Woody Allen has a time machine in his garage. How else to explain the so authentic French atmosphere of the 1920s in his film?

A romantic writer travels to Paris every night of the last century. There he meets with the Fitzgeralds, Gertrude Stein, Pablo Picasso, Ernest Hemingway and other equally well-known personalities. Under their influence, the hero understands himself and realizes what he really wants.

15. Miss Pettigrew
Melodrama, comedy.
Great Britain, USA, 2008.
Duration: 92 minutes.
IMDb: 7.1.

After another dismissal, the capricious Guinevere Pettigrew does not know where to go. Her recruiting agent refuses to help with finding a job. Then, taking the opportunity, Guinevere arranges a maid to an eccentric actress. Over time, they become friends, and Miss Pettigrew is promoted to the secretary. From this moment her life changes for the better.

16. Brooklyn
Drama, melodrama.
United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, Belgium, 2015.
Duration: 117 minutes.
IMDb: 7.5.

A picture about the hard fate of an emigrant from Ireland. Eilish Lacey comes to Brooklyn. After ceasing to miss her homeland, she begins to breathe deeply and falls in love. However, bad news from home is forcing her to return to Ireland. There Eilish falls in love again and faces a difficult choice.

17. Form of water
Fantasy, drama.
USA, 2017
Duration: 123 minutes.
IMDb: 7.6.

Films Guillermo del Toro like children’s tales: excite the imagination and make a little distraction from the routine. Probably, because the director was deeply in the soul and remained a child. The Oscar-winning “Shape of the Water” tells the touching story of an amphibian man and a dumb cleaner.

Jimmy Kimmel during the award ceremony joked: “The peasants this year so blurred that the girls began to meet with the fish.” Against the backdrop of recent scandals that shocked the whole world, the importance of this picture can not be overestimated.

18. Catch Me If You Can
Drama, biography.
USA, Canada, 2002.
Duration: 141 minutes.
IMDb: 8.1.

The talented fraudster Frank Ebegnail ran away from home in search of a better life. He managed to visit both a doctor, a pilot, and a lawyer, he masterfully mastered bank checks and earned a fortune. But sooner or later he will have to answer for everything.

19. Carol
Drama, melodrama.
United Kingdom, United States, Australia, 2014.
Duration: 118 minutes.
IMDb: 7.2.

Two talented actresses of Hollywood will tell a tragic love story in the refined atmosphere of New York in the 50’s. Theres and Carol embrace feelings that they are forced to hide from society.

20. Water to the elephants!
Drama, melodrama.
USA, 2011 year.
Duration: 116 minutes.
IMDb: 6.9.

When parents die, Jacob takes the last course of the university and joins the roaming circus. Together with all he is forced to live in difficult conditions, because the circus was not the most popular entertainment in those years. Real problems arise when a guy falls in love with a rider Marlene – the host of the show’s girlfriend.